Activities This Week

a dog sitting on a table

WEEK 22:  22 - 28 February 2021

There's a range of activities for you this Week.

You could register for our Life Drawing with Dogs - not sure if our canine friends will sit still for long though!

How about learning a new language - start learning Spanish this week on our 5-week course.  Or do you fancy making a pom pom bee?

Have a look at Wellbeing Wednesday which is there to help support you.

Also, this week's competition is to make a cake that looks like a hedgehog!  Then post pictures of your cake on the Residence Life Facebook Group by the end of Thursday (25th Feb) and you could win a £20 voucher.  Why a hedgehog you may ask?  Well this week you can register for the How To Save Hedgehogs (before it's too late) event.

There's loads on this week - see for yourself!


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