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Fire drills in Semester 1

By AnnabelK 16 Aug 2021

At the start of every academic year, the infamous fire evacuation drills take place in our accommodation. The purpose of the drills is to increase awareness of the University's expectations with regards to fire safety.

If a fire alarm sounds for longer than 60 seconds in your accommodation, make sure you...

- Get dressed, and definitely wear shoes. If you're in your PJs, at least grab a warm coat. 

- Don't forget your keys!

- Evacuate by following the exit signs, and use the stairs. Never use the lifts.

- If it's unsafe for you to evacuate, try to find an alternative evacuation route, or station yourself behind a       closed fire door, and call Security to alert them of where you are (0114 222 4444).

- Meet at the designated fire assembly point for your building.

- Don't re-enter a building until you're advised to do so by a member of University Security Services.

If you think you can't evacuate your accommodation safely without assistance, please email Residence Life at to discuss your needs and arrange a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

The University has a zero tolerance policy on matters that impair fire safety, particularly malicious and negligent behaviour.

Not evacuating upon hearing a fire alarm activation in any university building is misconduct, and can be considered a criminal offence. 

Remember: To avoid false fire alarm activations, please ensure fire doors are kept closed at all times. Always supervise your cooking, don't smoke (this includes e-cigarettes and shisha pipes) and never burn candles or incense in your accommodation. Keep the kitchen ventilated when cooking by opening windows, turning on extractor fans, and keep the kitchen fire door closed at all times!

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