Free Outdoor Fitness Trail

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Did you know that we have an outdoor fitness trail located at Endcliffe? There are 7 stations where you can do bodyweight workouts like pull-ups, sit-ups, dips and even bunny hops! 

Why not go on and explore all of the stations? There is a handy explanation located by each workout area so you will you easily be able to follow the exercises.

There is a map on the Paddock which tells you where each exercise area is and how to get there.

Just make sure that you warm up properly. A few running laps of the Paddock and some basic warm-up exercises that you remember from PE for your legs and upper body should do the trick. 


Have water handy should you need it.
-If you have any injuries, please only do what you can manage since there is no one who can assist with alternatives.
-If at any point you feel pain/discomfort, please stop and seek immediate medical assistance.
-Ensure you are warmed up and taking care of yourself.
-If you have an underlying medical condition or are new to exercise, we advise that you seek medical advice before beginning.
The-University of Sheffield is not responsible or liable to you for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of using the Fitness Trail. 

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