How I am coping with the new restrictions

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Like many, I thought we’d seen the worst of lockdown, we’d been through the most stringent restrictions and from now on, life as we know it would start to rebuild back to normal. However, as we all know, it's not turning out to be that simple and it seems like it's a bit of a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ situation. Worst part? We have no choice and have to all just ‘deal’ with it.

I’m sure a lot of you guys reading this, thought the same too. New adventure, moving away from home for the first time, parties, late nights, takeaways on your way home whilst laughing with your new flatmates about utter nonsense, new city, the list goes on. We have all been affected by the restrictions of covid-19 twice now and it’s important we take care of ourselves and find the new ‘normal’ way of living for the time being. 

I think it’s important to focus on the positives of covid-19 (hear me out!), we have all been able to slow down, actually pause and have proper quality time with our friends or family that we live with or from those who form our ‘bubbles’. You can also think this way about your new flatmates and uni accommodation, yes the going out aspect is great and making friends in odd ends of clubs will bring the most amusing stories, but lockdown is allowing you to form a really close knit relationship with your flatmates and actually get to know these people you have been thrown into a living situation with. I’m sure you know the odd thing about each other but I'm also pretty sure there's still a good 80% left to learn about each other. 

Now I know it’s hard, having so many rules and so many restrictions thrown at you but at the end of the day, absolutely everyone around you is in the same position and the longer we rebell, the longer we stay in this sticky situation. So don’t be that person who thinks it’s really cool to have a house party. Yes, I'm sure normally you’d be thanked by all your mates but right now? Not really, especially when they wake up the next morning with covid symptoms. Just saying…

So, what do you expect me to do instead? 

Well, you are surrounded by a whole flat of people. Have you explored Sheffield yet? Delved into the local one-off shops? Indie coffee houses? The plethora of vintage shops on division street? Or how about the peak district? You could walk up through the parks to Forge Dam and beyond if you fancy it to Stanage Edge. Invest in a good coat, a hat and a flask and get outside! 

What if it’s horrible out? 

Well here's some ideas to keep you entertained as the winter months and Yorkshire weather is temperamental: 

1. Why not host a night in with your flat? Here's some suggestions: 

  • Who's most likely to? (Go live with gorillas and live off bananas for the rest of eternity) 

  • Happy hour - who's the best at making cocktails? Why not host a cocktail master class?

  • 2 facts, 1 lie, get to know your flatmates and see who has the best poker face.

2. Now I don’t know about you, but baking in Autumn/Winter is a must! Why not whip up some cupcakes or cookies for the flat? All bring your blankets/quilts and comfies into the living area, set up someones laptop and have a movie day/night? 

3. Take it in turns to host a dinner party in a Come Dine With Me way. 

  • So each flatmate has an evening of the week and you all judge them out of ten. Then at the end of the week, add up everyone's score and the winner gets a prize of you and your flatmates choice. If you really want to get into it, dress up, bring drinks, do little vlogs on your way ‘home’(back to your room) at the end about what you thought of the evening. Then collate all the films and watch these as a flat at the end of the week. I imagine that could be quite entertaining.

4. Crack the board games and cards out!

5. Why not learn a new skill or relight your love for an old hobby? I’ve got back into illustrating and also reading. What do you miss doing because you don’t have ‘time’ anymore? 

The thing is, we all have to try and find new ways of having fun and doing our normal routines. You have the chance to really get to know your flatmates and settle into your new home away from home. I know it’s not the easiest of times and as well as keeping your flatmates moral up, it's also important to focus on your own. What do you need? Make time for yourself, go on a walk, read a book, ring your friends or family at home over video call and have a good natter, have a pamper evening, watch your favourite film and buy your favourite sweet treat. Take care, be sensible but still, have fun!

Please note, if you are struggling with lockdown and want extra support or just someone to talk to, please contact our Residence Life Team:

Written by: Jordan Leitch, The Accommodation Team

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