Race Equality

The University launched its Race Equality Strategy and Action Plan, which set out to improve the representation, progression and success of BAME students and staff through the creation of an inclusive culture within the University. One approach to changing the culture is the provision of anti-racism training for students, as part of its commitment to equality of opportunity and fostering good relations.

We have opportunities planned for you to learn more about the concept of racism and how to reduce racism, discrimination and prejudice by challenging these attitudes and behaviours. You will encounter these opportunities throughout your time at the University of Sheffield, with Race Conversations being held at our student residences in the Spring Semester. These talks will be hosted and facilitated by your peers, who are the University’s Race Equality Champions, and your Residence Life Mentors. Please welcome them when they knock on your door.

Speaking out about racism always has been, and probably will be, hard. We know more than half of students at UK universities have witnessed racism during their studies. Verbal abuse, off-hand or casually racist comments and exclusion from social events are the most common experiences of university. Our university is not exempt from this worrying problem, but we want to ensure every student and staff are aware of these discriminatory behaviours. 

In the first instance, report any concerns to your Residence Life Mentor or at the drop ins scheduled each night during term time. Alternatively you can contact Residence Life via email on residencelife@sheffield.ac.uk. 

We encourage you to report any racist incidents that directly or indirectly impacted you through our new reporting platform, Report and Support https://reportandsupport.sheffield.ac.uk/ You may report an incident anonymously or with personal details. You can also report other incidents such as harrassment, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

Security Services are available 24 hours a day, 364 days a year. You can contact Security Control Room on 0114 222 4085. The Security Emergency phone number is 0114 222 4444.

The University’s Central Welfare and Guidance team are there to assist and advise on various issues impacting your studies. They can be contacted at support@sheffield.ac.uk or 0114 222 4321.

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