Top tips to organise your digital photos

We probably take more photos with our phone than we make phone calls and before you know it, you can have thousands of photos that don’t mean anything or are using memory space.

Now that we are distanced from our friends and family, photos are a great way of staying connected so why not spend some time putting your photos into some kind of order.

Keep reading for our top tips on organising your digital photos:

Tip 1 - Delete blurred, duplicated or unnecessary photos from your photo rolls.  Get in the habit of deleting any poor quality or blurred images right away. 

Tip 2 - Be brutal, delete - how many people free or scenic photos do you need?  Choose the best and delete the rest. This also applies to party pictures and selfies!!

Tip 3 - Organisation!!  Once you have deleted any unnecessary photos, now is the time to organise your remaining photos into albums.  Create albums for special events, holidays, birthdays, nights out or any other special memories you have.

Tip 4 - Editing - If you like to tweak your photos to get the best lighting or crop them to cut out any redundant space then it’s a good idea to create a folder just for photos that you want to edit.  Editing can take a lot of time so make sure that you are in the right frame of mind. Set yourself a target of between 5-10 photos a day. Once you’ve made the picture perfect then don’t forget to file them away in the correct folder.

Tip 5 - Back it up!!  With all this hard work you’ve spent making your photos special, don’t forget to back them up.  I would do this every couple of weeks as you don’t want any of these precious memories to be lost.

Tip 6 - Make some Prints.  For those extra special photos capturing your most favourite memories, print them off to frame or create a collage for your wall.  Avoid printing photos off yourself as this can be expensive and not using the correct paper diminished the photo quality. Freeprints and Snapfish are a couple of companies that let you print around 50 prints for free but you do need to pay for delivery.

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