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Community Living & Covid -19

By AnnabelK 17 Jul 2020

Living in University Accommodation is a great opportunity to be part of a dynamic and diverse community. We hope you will love your time here and making the most of the opportunity to build healthy relationships, develop life skills, and to get involved in an exciting programme of events and activities

Residence Life host the Community Living campaign throughout the first few weeks of each year. This campaign includes promoting the ‘Our Community’ poster and the RLMs completing Community Living Agreements with residents. The aim is to promote a sense of responsibility for the community in which you live. University accommodation should be a  welcoming and safe community, so please be aware of how your actions can affect others. In return we encourage others to consider how their actions might impact on you. 

You will also discuss the expectations in regards to your conduct and any Covid-19 requirements. Please familiarise yourself with the University’s ‘Your Community: Your Responsibility’ page. These expectations apply to your conduct on campus, in the residences, and in the wider community. The latest updates on how Covid-19 will affect students in our accommodation will be also published on this page.   

If you become symptomatic, you are required to email us at and let the University's support services know that you are self-isolating by completing this Google form. The form will signpost you to the sources of welfare support available during this time.   

There are rules to living within University accommodation, such as keeping the noise down between 11pm and 7am, or all the time during exam weeks, and requirements of good conduct as a student at The University. During the Community Living conversation, you may discuss and agree on any other 'house rules'. For example, some flats don’t mind residents having overnight guests, others prefer that residents are warned so they can expect to bump into a stranger in the kitchen! The aim of the conversations is to promote open communication to hopefully minimise future conflict. 

If you have concerns that are not covered here and you would like more information, please contact us at, or speak to your Residence Life Mentor. 

The latest University advice for students can be found here -

Updates from Accommodation Services can be found here: including information on the support available from Residence Life. If you wish to  get in touch with a member of the Residence Life team please email


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