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4 cartoon women on a striped background - one has a visible disability; in a wheelchair

Support & Wellbeing

Disabled Students' Facebook Group

By epickersgill 11 Mar 2022

We're pleased to let you know about a new Facebook group for disabled students at the University of Sheffield.

This group has been created by the SU's Disabled Students Officer, Disabled Students' Representative Councillor, and the Disabled and Dyslexic Students' Committee.

The group is a place to comment, connect, and collaborate on different issues within the University and SU in order to help ensure the best possible experience for disabled students.  The admins will be vigilant in ensuring that it is a safe, welcoming and encouraging place for all participants regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or anything else. 

The hope is to create a strong community for disabled students at the University of Sheffield so please follow this link to join and get involved in the conversation!

Link -

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