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Discover HEAR accredited opportunities

By SophieResLife 15 Mar 2017

Develop your skills and stand out to employers by participating in extra-curricular activities and gaining recognition on your HEAR.

The Higher Education Achievement Report or ‘HEAR’ records the full range of your experience and skills. You will receive a HEAR from the University, which provides you with a comprehensive report of your University achievements:

  • It includes academic information about your course, modules and grades.
  • Extra-curricular activities and awards can also be included.

You can use your HEAR as evidence of the knowledge and experience you gain at Sheffield e.g. to help you demonstrate your skills when applying for jobs/further study. The HEAR has been developed through a national project so employers and other universities know about it too.

Find out what extra-curricular activities you can get involved in by going to the HEAR online database.

Want to find out more information?

Internal HEAR in MUSE

  • Remember that you can access your HEAR in MUSE (MUSE > My Services > View All Services > HEAR). Check it out!
  • Have you checked out your HEAR in MUSE yet? Use it to review your progress! 
  • Your HEAR in MUSE is available 24/7. Use it to track your progress and plan what you want to achieve next! 

Official (Interim) HEAR in Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe)

  • Have you checked out ShARe yet? Click 'Log in to ShARe' when viewing your  HEAR in MUSE, or go to:
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