How do I evacuate the building when I’m self-isolating?

It is very important to know what to do in the event of an emergency. You might be confused about the right course of action if you’re self-isolating, but the rule is simple, if there’s a fire alarm or you are asked to evacuate the building by a member of staff - you must leave the building. 

However, as much as it is important to keep you safe, you have to make sure that others are safe as well. Please familiarise yourself with this article as it will tell you where to go after you’ve left the building. 

General information about Fire Safety and our procedure can be found in our halls handbook. For residents who are in quarantine or self-isolation, we ask that you make your way to a designated Assembly Point via the nearest fire escape route. Please wear a face covering and keep your distance (2 metres) from others – let’s keep all risk factors to an absolute minimum.

The Assembly Points for self-isolating/quarantining residents are

  • Lillian Penson Hall – outside the Mercure Hotel 
  • Nutford House – corner of Castlereagh Street 
  • International – corner of Lansdowne Terrace and Guilford St 
  • Connaught Hall - corner of Tavistock Square and Gordon Square 
  • College Hall – corner of Malet Street and Torrington Place (corner of Waterstones) 
  • Eleanor Rosa House – opposite the Westbridge Hotel on the corner of Stratford High Street and Ward Road ( leave the building, turn right and right again, walk past the smoking area to the end of the building) 
  • Garden Halls – Corner of Cartwright Gardens and Hastings Street 
  • Handel Mansions – On the corner of Hunter Street and Handel Street 

Once you get to the assembly point the halls staff will support you. Please continue to keep a 2m distance and wear your face covering whilst outside.  

If you have any questions about the assembly point whilst in quarantine/self-isolation or you have any question about Halls safety procedures, please do not hesitate to contact your hall via the halls email address or contact the Halls Management team via the reception switchboard. All contact details are available in the Halls handbook or via the University of London Accommodation website -

Watch our general safety video for more useful tips.

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