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Introducing The Green Room

By nchinoputsa 04 Sep 2023

The Green Room is your new social space located in the Edge Hub at Endcliffe.

The room features a big comfortable sofa, bean bags, and a projector wall for streaming movies.

It's open from 9am - 11pm, and between the hours of 9am-5pm the room can be booked by staff and students as a meeting/study/hang-out space, then after 5pm there are 2 x 3-hour time slots available for watching movies or playing video games. You can use the logged-in Netflix account on the device in the room, or connect your own media via HDMI cable. 

How to book The Green Room

  • Book a timeslot on Eventbrite
  • Go to Customer Services  in the Edge to collect the key - please bring your proof of booking or UCard with you
  • Enjoy your time in the Green Room!
  • Lock the door as you leave,  and return the key to Customer Services once you're finished

Please read the Fair Use Policy before booking the room, which can be found below:

Green Room Fair Use Policy

This room is a space for students to relax and enjoy, we want you to get the best from it, therefore we have some guidelines that we ask you all to follow when using the room.

  • The room has a booking system so you can ensure that the room is available for the time you require it. The booking can be done through Eventbrite.
  • No mass/recurring bookings (the same flat cannot book the room for the same night every week). Please ensure you have only one active booking at a time. 

  • From 9am to 5pm you can book the room in one hour slots, this will allow the room to be used for meetings, gaming and quiet space. From 5pm the room can be booked in three hour slots; this will hopefully allow time for you to be able to watch a film without being disturbed before it ends.

  • The room will not be available once The Edge Hub is locked at midnight.

  • Food and drink can be taken into the room, please remember to tidy away any rubbish when you are finished.

  • Please report any repair/damage issues with the room or the equipment to ACS Customer Services as soon as possible.

  • If using the tablet streaming function - this will be restricted to Netflix and should be left logged into a Residence Life account. 

  • Should you wish to play any other media, you can do this by connecting your own device to the HDMI cable. You must not access any live webcam streaming, x-rated content, or illegal material including content which constitutes copyright infringement.

  • Please be mindful of people studying in the Edge Hub when you are choosing your volume. If you are asked to reduce the volume, please do so.

  • The room can be used as a meeting room by ACS staff between 9am and 5pm if the room is not booked by students, this still needs to be booked through Eventbrite.

  • Please leave the room on time and as you would expect to find it.

At all times you must abide by The University of Sheffield’s IT Code of Practice ( Failure to follow the above guidance may constitute a breach of the Student Code of Conduct and result in disciplinary action. Find out more about your responsibilities here:
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