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My experiences as a Resident's Life Mentor!

By epickersgill 30 Apr 2021

Hello, I am Harald Tang, a Residence Life Mentor at Ranmoor Village. As you may know, we are currently recruiting Residence Life Mentor for the Academic year 2021-2022. I am going to share with you my remarkable experiences from working as a Residence Life Mentor for the past two years. Hopefully this will give you some insights into our work duties and inspire you to join us!

What do we do?

We are committed to providing front-line support to students residing in University accommodation; these include Endcliffe, Ranmoor and City. Each Mentor is assigned with a number of mentees. Our job each shift is to maintain contact with them; ensuring that they are doing well and answering any questions they may have.

Sometimes, our manager will assign us with welfare concern cases; students who are facing mental health or conduct issues. We help the students resolve these problems by providing useful advice, information and also signposting them to University Professional Services to make sure they get support. It is important that we are good at prioritizing tasks to ensure that everyone gets the best support. We are also responsible for attending a Mentor drop-in session every shift in case any issues arise.

What has changed about the role during the pandemic? 

The outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted our work duties. In the past, we met our mentees during flat visits but to keep everything Covid secure we have moved into a virtual environment. We contact our mentees via phone calls, Google Meet, and email instead of meeting them physically. Despite the changes, we are still able to provide the best student support to our residents.

We also work with the Engagement and Development team and help run their events. This includes anything from guided tours of local areas to inflatable games on the Piazza. There’s such a wide range of events to help out with! We can also organize student activities ourselves to enhance residential experience; they can help students get new hobbies and make friends. In the past, we have organized events like; crafting workshops, sports events and brunch club. Even during the pandemic, we managed to organize online activities like Saturday Quiz Night, Netflix Parties and competitions -  all received great feedback!

What’s the best part of the role?

The role has enabled me to widen my network and increase my confidence as I got to know a lot of new people and I have had to communicate with my mentees. This has also improved my communication and leadership skills!  As an international student, English is not my first language, it was somewhat been challenging to me when I first started the role but as time goes on, I have managed to improve my speaking and listening skills.

I hope this blog has given you some insight about the role of Residence Life Mentor. I would strongly recommend students to join us as this is a valuable opportunity for you to build up some skills that are essential to your career. You can also contribute to University life and of course get paid to support your living! 

For more information about the role read the job description!