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donations received in Gambia


Our work with Aid2Gambia

By echorley 04 Feb 2022

Aid2Gambia is a charity that raises funds to help those in need in The Gambia, including donating hospital beds and refurbished oxygenators to rural hospitals that get little help. 

ACS has been working with the charity Aid2Gambia for the past 6 months and has donated over one tonne of items, including clothes, bedding, bric-a-brac, pots and pans, and crockery, which have been collected by the local community in S10 and shipped to The Gambia.

The bedding provided is turned into clothing and nappies for babies by members of the S10 community before being sent over.

Our collections come from items donated by students, and it all makes a big difference. Any items left by students will either be offered to new students (such as the Free Shop at Intro Weekend) or donated to the charities we work with. 

If you'd like to know more about donating or have something you'd like to donate, you can contact the Environmental Coordinator Andy Woffindin, who facilities all these initiatives, at

Pictures provided by Janet from Aid2Gambia, donations shown are not necessarily from ACS, but indicate the work Aid2Gambia does.

donations being loaded onto a truck
hospital bed in the gambia
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