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Support & Wellbeing

Physical Health

By epickersgill 05 Jul 2022

Whilst you are at university, you may find that your physical health is impacted upon. This can be from a change in diet or sleeping patterns, or not looking after yourself as well as you could.

It is important that if you are taken ill, or need support with your physical health, that you know where to get support.

At The University of Sheffield we are incredibly lucky to have our own GP practice - the University Health Service (UHS).

The University Health Service are specialists in student health and offer services that are not routinely available at some other GP practices:

  • Specialist mental health services

  • Sexual health / contraception services

  • Routine doctor / nurse appointments

  • Support with other University support services should you need it

  • Interpreter service available for consultations

If you need information about the UHS and how to register, please visit

Remember, if you have any questions, you can always arrange to speak to your Residence Life Mentor or attend the Residence Life Mentor Drop-in.

You can also arrange to speak to a Student Support and Wellbeing Officer at Residence Life via email at

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