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Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass

By echorley 17 Sep 2021

NEW Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass gets you from A to B for 80p 

If you’re aged 18-21 Travel South Yorkshire’s new Zoom Beyond Travel Pass gets you a single bus or tram journey in South Yorkshire for just 80p. Broaden your horizons or take a trip to see your mates - all for less cash. You can travel any time, anywhere in South Yorkshire.

Everyone aged 18-21 with a home address in South Yorkshire, either permanently or during term time, can apply for a free Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass now. You can check eligibility and what you’ll need to apply on Travel South Yorkshire’s Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass. 

Apply for a Zoom Beyond 18-21 Travel Pass now >>

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echorley I'm Emma Chorley, the Marketing and Communications Executive for accommodation services at UoS.
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